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A provider of leading, specialized hardware & software and business intelligent solutions that assist clients across targeted horizontal and vertical industries

About us

IT Palace SA is a South African company and a member of Palace Private Group since 2018. IT Palace SA is a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor that provides leading specialized software and digitally-led business solutions that assist clients across targeted industries to achieve more by improving their customer experience, core business operations, business administration, enterprise resource planning and public service delivery.

The organisation has deep sector knowledge and experience predominantly in the education, manufacturing, financial services, energy, enterprise performance management (EPM), telecommunications, consumer security and services, including hospitality industries as well as the public sector and we recently launched consumer market targeted with our online store platform of the worlds leading ICT Hardware and Software and we aim to continue to be recognized as the first choice value-added service provider of leading business-intelligent solutions.

Our expertise in technology and industry specializations have enabled us to help companies around the world make smarter decisions faster.

Our emphasis on local excellence and global scale enables us to bring clients best of breed technology solutions that enable significant improvement whilst leveraging from our global research and innovation teams to accelerate the time to insight. Our local consulting teams are experts in the implementation, support and execution of these solutions and work with our clients to deliver quality and real time results and improvement.

ICT Solutions

Assistance with Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Connectivity, Apps & more. Aiming to become the Leading ICT Provider in South Africa & streamline your Business Processes. Digital Transformation and Innovation strategy leads you to migrate to the cloud, build custom applications, leverage data and analytics to understand your Business.

Advanced Analytics Consulting

Our Industry experts provide enriched analytical analysis of network data and produce valuable insights and answers to complex questions, queries and what-if scenarios. We have experts in the entire range of industry sectors, which enable us to have industry specific solutions available to take your organisation on a Digital Transformation journey.

We Serve

We deliver technological innovation, central to public support and trust. National, Provincial Department and State-Owned Entities (SOEs) are under increasing pressure to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to the communities they serve. We give value to Mining and Financial Service Institutes along with Education, Oil and Gas and Healthcare Industries


Our infrastructure offerings ensure that the client’s hardware, hosting environments and Cloud-based products are aligned for their requirements and technology capabilities.

Our solutions are tailored to niche industry environments, offering expertise and in-depth solutions to complex problems facing our clients.

These solutions span across: Customer Experience, Core Business Operations, Business Administration, Enterprise Resource Planning and Public Service Delivery.


IT Palace provides ongoing support and maintenance of custom built ERP’s, warehousing
and management systems. The cost-efficient business management tools the
organisation has within the sugar industry provide control, enforce compliance and
automate tedious processes.

Coupled with predictive business analytics for improved decision making, business users at all levels are empowered with regular monthly
reporting and can reach end consumers through digital processes.


We offer expert business advisory services to assist clients in achieving their objectives. Our teams are equipped for the implementation, customization, development and integration of our solutions and provide training and support to ensure that clients recieve most out of our solutions.

IT Palace SA provides solutions with a digitised set of processes, which strives to increase self-awareness and efficiency through ICT, and encourages a higher degree of participation from the Public, the Authorities and Businesses.

Black Youth Owned
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Southern African Regions
Our Valued Partners
Years of Experience

We partner with the world’s leading technology providers to implement best of breed solutions that meet your business needs.

We are recognised as a leading service provider in Southern Africa. Our clients benefit from the exceptional depth and breadth of business, solution and implementation experience of more than one hundred consultants in our employ.